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  1. Joe Sylva
    What do you guys think of Joe Sylva? He's putting some interesting fights together that are are turning out some interesting results. With all the upsets though, I do not envy him. They've already...
  2. What submission do u prefer
    what is your favorite submission mine is the triangle choke
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  3. Okami vs. Silva
    What do u guys think? How good are Okami's chances against Franklin? fight
  4. Yves Edwards Pro boxing match
  5. The first 10 people to add a reply to this topic...
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  6. luiz azeredo
    anyone know wherer he is i think he would kick ass if he went to the ufc
  7. vicious fighter
    who do u ppl think is the most vicious fighter in mma???
  8. Cage Rage 22: Hard As Hell
    Eric “Butterbean” Esch vs. Tengiz Tedoradze Mario Sperry vs. Lee Hasdell James Thompson vs. Wesley Correirra Edson Drago vs. Gary Turner Herb Dean vs. Dave Legeno Mark Buchanan vs. James McSweeney...
  9. Mayweather
    Has anyone heard anything else about Floyd Mayweather vs. Sean Sherk? Because Floyd was talking a lot of sh** and i would like to see him back it up. Semper Fidelis
  10. Mike Whitehead
    Anyone think he may be invited back to the UFC? Now I know he has not been fighting top tier competition but I think he could make another tough "gate keeper" for the belt. Thoughts?
  11. It figures...
    I bet tons of money on Okami vs. Franklin in favor of Okami and he loses a boring ass fight. However, I guessed correctly in my predictions on every other fight on the card. Go figure...
  12. What would be the best dream match ever
    my dream match would be Mirko Cro Cop flipovic vs Pedro The Rock Rizzo
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    FEG President Sadaharu Tanigawa announced that a tournament to crown a middleweight champion would hold its opening round in the Yokohama Arena on July 16. Kaoru [Caol] Uno versus Katsuhiko Nagata...
  14. looking for info. on KOTC "FF" please
    Howdy. I attended 2 HQ MMA events here in the Ottawa/Hull area in Jan. then March. They were both KOTC "Freedom Fights" If anyone has the fight cards,memerobilia I can buy etc.. please lmk. That...
  15. WTF Bisbing vs. Shamrock????
    When was this announced??? Where did this match-up come from???
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  16. The fight you've watched the most times?
    I've watched Rampage - Chuck 1 probably 50 times. Sometimes, when hanging out on the forums and getting sick of all the Chuck-huggers, I just put on that fight to make myself happy again. It kept me...
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  17. richie's free t-shirt giveaway, rd.1
    Want a free MMA Playground t-shirt? Be the first to answer to following question and it's yours: In his first UFC match, Royce Gracie faced Art Jimmerson, a boxer who chose to wear a single glove....
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  18. Ryoto Machida Vs Bisbing
    who do you think would win?
  19. LHW division. 11-15
    who would you guys rate as the top 11-15 in the LHW division. I see it as 11- Rashad Evans 12- Forrest Griffin 13- Keith Jardine 14- Michael Bisbing 15- HOUSTON ALEXANDER!!!!! with ryoto machida as...
  20. Minotauro and Silva sparring heavily
    Sparring session Click the bottom link
  21. kimbo vs mercer (EXHIBITION)
    The following is an excerpt from a Sam Caplan blog from The New Jersey State Athletic Commission is only partially approving this Saturday’s match between Kimbo Slice and Ray...
  22. Bas Rutten.!.!.
    What do you guys think about bas's come back fight i enjoyed seeing bas back in the cage or frankly anywhere. i would have like to see how he would have done against kimo but o'well. how about u...
  23. UFC in Minnesota
    Does anyone know if the UFC has any plans to come to minnesota?
  24. Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett off Strikeforce
    Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett, who was set to face Victor “Joe Boxer” Valenzuela in a rematch on Friday night's Strikeforce event, is off of the fight card. Bennett was recently arrested, with a...
  25. urijah faber
    i was watching wec the other night and i saw this kid urijah faber, man wat a fighter his ground and pound is vicious anybody know this guy??????
  26. NINJA may get cleared to fight
    Though EliteXC signed Falaniko Vitale (Pictures) on short notice to fight Joey Villasenor (Pictures), it appears the Hawaiian will have flown to San Jose, Calif. just to watch some mixed martial arts...
  27. baroni medical ?????'s
    The Frank Shamrock VS Phil Baroni Strikeforce card has suffered a major setback with Baroni now scrambling to pass his medical requirements. Baroni had in fact previously passed all his medicals but...
    Ever since the late 90's I've been into mixed martial arts combat.When I was a kid all we watched was WWF and was an abid fan until the UFC was introduced to me.One thing that caught me right away...
  29. Weed, etc. In MMA.
    I was sittin back this mornin really thinkin about the situation with all of the Drugs in MMA these days, and I was wonderin what everyone thought about it, I myself think that Weed shouldn't be...
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  30. Marcus Davis want Gomi!!!
    I just watched the post fight interview with Marcus Davis on and he said "now that we have Pride i want Gomi, i'v said this before and now i might be able to get it, I think it would be a...
  31. Online MMA Betting Discussion
    I'm very curious as to where some of you guys drop your cash on for bets. What sites usually have the best odds and most fights to bet on. Which ones can you parlay on, etc... The ones I'm currently...
  32. IFL rising star
    Do you think Chris Horodecki could compete with the 155 class in UFC?
  33. Baroni & Ninja Officially Cleared for Strikeforce
    Baroni officially cleared by CSAC (and Ninja as well) On a side note, if you read through the article... It says that the problems were caused by an MRI that the UFC had sent over... I'm not sure...
  34. CSA confirmed Ninja!
    Last Friday, EliteXC sent out a statement acknowledging that Murilo “Ninja” Rua had failed his required physical for licensure in the State of California and was subsequently removed from Friday...
  35. George Rush St Pierres vs Diego Nightmare Sanchez
    Who wins and how i think rush wins by tko in the third
  36. Delson Heleno - A new prospect?
    I believe he's one of the new up and coming title hopes from Brazil. He's 11-2 at the moment with one unnecessary loss to Dennis Hallman via DQ in a fight he dominated up until the foul and a TKO...
  37. dream fights
    mine are andrei arlovski vs. mirko cro cop ricardo arona vs. tito ortiz rich franklin vs. dan henderson gsp vs. diego sanchez gilbert melendez vs. takanori gomi
  38. MMA vs Boxing Toe to Toe!!!!
    MMA vs BOXING DEBATE (good read IMO) As you all may know by now,i am a huge boxing fan,and its my all time favorite sport,so this debate here wont change the way i look at things they both have alot...
  39. Why do marines do so bad in MMA?
    I'm not trying to bad-mouth the marines corps or anything, but has anyone ever noticed that every former marine has done lousy in the UFC? Think about it, Shonie Carter, Noah Thomas, Luigi...
  40. filho vs doerkson at WEC
    i told you filho was going to WEC and here it is The following is an excerpt from an article on MMA on Tap has confirmed that Joe Doerksen will be facing PRIDE veteran Paulo Filho...
  41. Good fighters in lighter weight classes
    Alright we all know who the badass fighters are in the lightweight division up to the heavyweight division. My question is who are the great fighters at lighter weight classes who don't get enough...
  42. Ray Mercer V. Kevin Ferguson
    I want to talk about this fight again. I know there are other threads devoted to it, but all they say are "I hope Mercer knocks Kibmo out in the first round" I think that this is a freak fight, but...
  43. witch boxer was a chance in mma
    i would half to say mayweather
  44. nick diaz vs bj penn
    who wins at light weight, and who wins at welterweight? i'm saying nick diaz wins both, and i believe his JJ is more effective in mma.
  45. WEC, Who's Goin???
    Now that UFC is getting all the top talent, who do you see going to WEC? With the welterwieght division being so stacked i would like to see some of the top ten guys go I see a lot of TUF failures...
  46. anyone see UFC 73 add?
    Just something I thought was mention of Big Nog fighting. This is what I meant by Dana not properly promoting guys.
  47. SOKOUDJOU signs with EliteXC
    Bummer, guess we won't get to see how good he really is now. Sources: Sokoudjou Agrees to Terms with EliteXC Options: Email Article | Printer Friendly Sources: Sokoudjou Agrees to Terms with...
  48. Submissions or Knock-outs?
    Which do u perfer?
  50. Dennis Kang
    What organization is Dennis Kang with? I would love to see him in the UFC.
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