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  1. BAMMA 20: McDermott Vs Lazarz (April 25th, Birmingham UK)
    BAMMA 20: McDermott Vs. Lazarz Fight Card MAIN EVENT Brett "The Spartan' McDermott Vs. Marcin "Bane" Lazarz (BAMMA Light Heavyweight Title) Colin "Freakshow" Fletcher Vs. Andre Winner Ed Arthur Vs....
    Streaming live, 2 fights down, 10 to go as of right now. PM me for the link since I don't know the legality of the stream.
  3. Rumble on the Ridge 31 - LIVE Stream (Friday 4/17)
    Starts at 11pm ET (8pm PT) tonight on You can see the fight card here 11 fights, about half pro,...
  4. Premier Boxing Champions- Anthony Dirrell vs Badou Jack
    Just a heads up fellas this is on Spike TV. I'm not the biggest boxing fan but this one is a nice fight. Anthony Dirrell 27-0-1 vs Badou Jack 18-1-1. This fight is getting ready to start. Play by...
  5. RoadFC signs Techno Goliath Hong Man Choi
    Who cares about jones and his cocaine and alcohol fueled bumper cars.....? THIS IS CLEARLY THE BIGGEST NEWS OF THE YEAR! link
  6. The crazy pride lady announcer Lenne Hardt donates to a MMA gym in a slum
    If anyone asks me who Lenne Hardt is then I feel your not a real MMA fan . I found out she recently donated to a fundraiser for a poor community. I am surprised how far MMA has grown, in these part...
  7. ONEFC Fighter Bashir Ahmad "Godfather of Pakistani MMA."
    A few years ago me and my cousin came up with an idea to introduce MMA in Pakistan. Well, we did and my cousin's entire career is built off that sacrifice we made 6 years ago. He fights in ONEFC, and...
  8. RFA vs. Legacy - who takes it?
    Who do you think has the better lineup of fighters heading into tomorrow's RFA vs. Legacy card?
  9. MMA fight in Poker Room
    Couple of guys go at it after one loses $40,000. Guy in red has some nice striking, wrestling moves. Could probably have worked on his RNC. Poker fight
  10. HEAT fighter Hisaki Kato signs with Bellator fights Joe Schilling at Bellator139
  11. May Heavyweight Rankings- Non-UFC (JLS Edition)
    Well every month I've been doing my MMA Worldwide rankings based off of my own opinion. Well since I didn't do that this month, and the month is closing in on us quickly, I'm gonna do my Top Non-UFC...
  12. Light Heavyweight Rankings (May) Non-UFC (JLS Edition)
    Okay back for another Division. I'm gonna do Light Heavyweight today. Let's hear watcha got. 1. Phil Davis 13-3 (Bellator) *2. Stephan Puetz 12-1 (M-1) 3. Liam McGeary 10-0 (Bellator) 4. Emmanuel...
  13. Arlovski'ing ain't easy 187 GIF
    The pimp hand is strong
  14. Who would win this super fight?
    Chris Weidman vs Daniel Cormier
  15. WSOF 21 / KOTC / RFA 26 / M1 Challenge / FEFoMP / CFFC 49 (Reminder)
    This event locks tomorrow (Thursday) at 8:00PM ET with KOTC starting things off. Get your picks and wagers in.
  16. Ken Shamrock on that Cung Le diet
  17. Fallon Fox
    Just to start off. I am completely against her fighting women. Especially since she went through puberty as a boy like Ronda said. You can't just change that. I respect some of the transgendered muay...
  18. Who owns MMA
    Who makes decisions, pays the bills, registered to, ect. I recall seeing co-founder on someones sig, but do not remember who it was.
  19. How horrified are you about this Kimbo/Shamrock fight?
    Friends, I'm going to apologize ahead of time if this topic has already been discussed here or elsewhere ad nauseum. I don't frequent forums like I used to, I'm sure it's been discussed plenty but if...
  20. Free Money!
    SWEET. Just got a $5 bonus in my Bovoda account. I used to play a little online poker. If you never/stop depositing, after a while they give you a little to try and hook you back in. I took the $5...
  21. Good referees in MMA
    So I was re-watching the Jonna Jedrzejczyk fight against Carla Esparza and was really impressed with the awareness of referee Don Turnage to step in at the perfect moment and even caught Esparza...
  22. Kimbo Slice before/after..
    before/after what is the question....
  23. Good luck to our own, Tyson Cunningham!
    Give 'em hell!
  24. Black Belt Ruben Alvarez calls out fake black belt
  25. Hisaki Kato's Ko of Joe Schilling
    Definitely worth a watch again. Link
  26. What was your favourite Knockout this weekend? (Poll)
    Bloodyelbow did a little poll and I'm curious of what you guys think. Who had the best KO win this weekend? Hisaki Kato over Joe Schilling Thiago Santos over Steve Bosse Joel Scott over Justin Rader
  27. '07 Rampage vs '10 Shogun who wins?
    These were years I believed Rampage knocked Chuck and beat Hendo and Shogun knocked out Machida to win their light heavyweight titles. Who wins this fight? I like a rematch today but it would of been...
  28. UFC 189- The evolution of Robbie Lawler
    So coincidentally enough I was just looking around Jack Slacks old archives and found an article entitled "The evolution of Robbie Lawler" documenting the ways in which he has changed his game since...
    A friend of mine Josh Ellis just won by first round guillotine in a tournament and the finals will be shown on ufc fight pass apparently. Watch out for this guy hes a beast! The only Welsh talent to...
  30. Favourite MMA fighter and why ? And has it changed over the years
    As most of you probably know I'm a big Matt Brown fan. Not so much as a person as he seems like a bit of a gronk but just purely as a fighter and the way he carries himself in the octagon. The first...
  31. It's a damn shame that.....
    The Korean Zombie is unable to fight for another year and a half. I was just thinking about it, and it is a shame we can't see some potential match ups that would be super exciting to watch. After...
  32. No quit in this Sambo fighter
    Warning, dat leg ewwww!! A Sambo fighter doesn't give up when his leg is taken in lock and badly injured. He fights to the end and wins! A real never-back-down athlete! ???? ?? ??????? ? ?????????,...
  33. Fedor is coming out of retirement.
    Tweet stating that Fedor is coming out of retirement for another fight. Just saw this on Reddit.
  34. Jack Slack Fightland article breaking down Lawler vs MacDonald
    The Ecstasy and Agony of Robbie Lawler versus Rory MacDonald “You are figuring him out.” So said head coach, Firas Zahabi as his charge, Rory MacDonald sat swollen and bloodied upon his stool ahead...
  35. MMA Kik app chat/lobby
    My friend made a MMA kik chat lobby and its actually pretty awesome. Its just a good place to talk about ufc or anything involving mma. were at 28/50 members in the chat so join if you want to!...
  36. Your top 5 favourite ufc title fights.
    5. Rousey vs carmouche- not only because it was the first female title fight but also because rousey was in legit trouble and came back to finish in a super technical and entertaining way. 4....
  37. Podcast with Bang Ludwig- Indicators of potential greatness
    One of my favorite guys to listen to. K Spot Bang Ludwig- indicators of potential greatness
  38. Donnie Frelow fighting this weekend on the WSOF prelims
    He recently did an AMA on reddit. Seemed like a cool guy and I'm interested to see how he does. He will be fighting on the prelims free on WSOF's site. Link to AMA
  39. Why does WSOF go head-to-head with the UFC?
    Why don't these guys try to schedule on a night where there is no competing event? Friday would likely draw many more viewers. I see no benefit going up against the UFC this Saturday.
  40. Ganryujima 2 Video's: 12 out of 14 fights I'm not going to post them all, check the link if interested, enjoy!
  41. Palhares refuses to let go of submission AGAIN
    Rousimar Palhares' UFC career ended when he refused to let go of a kneebar on Mike Pierce even after Pierce had tapped and the referee had intervened. It wasn't a first time offense, hence he was cut...
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  42. Forget the after the bell punch and holding onto the Kimura long and remember this.
    He just submitted Jake fucking Shields. Yeah. Think about it.
  43. Joe Lauzon talking about Rousimar Palhares submissions
    Joe Lauzon thinks Rousimar Palhares is kind of a dick.
  44. PEDs and Your Fav Fighters....Do You Really Care? [POLL]
    I just want to know if you found out if one of your fav fighters had been and/or still does take PEDs throughout his career, would they still be one of your favorite fighters? Im not talking about...
  45. Beautiful Muay Thai KO
  46. Morning Report: Cung Le details rocky final years working with Zuffa and UFC president Dana White
    Morning Report: Cung Le details rocky final years working with Zuffa and UFC president Dana White Cung Le might be retired from combat sports but he's not done fighting. The UFC and Strikeforce vet...
  47. Biggest HW Fight of All Time: 10-Year Anniversary
    Sherdog Remembers: Fedor vs. ‘Cro Cop’ The mixed martial arts world stood still on Aug. 28, 2005, as the paths of two heavyweight legends finally crossed. They met under the Pride Fighting...
  48. fedor looking in great shape
    Good to see him in shape good lord...
  49. 35 Year-old receives Red Belt in BJJ, Community Responds
    Check out this 35 year-old who 'earned' his Red Belt. proof is in the puddin'
  50. Scott Coker wants Bellator to be like Pride....but better
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