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  1. Arlovski Vs fc Hw's
    How do you think he would fair in these match ups?? Arlovski vs Nelson II Arlovski vs Schaub Arlovski vs Gonzaga Arlovski vs Struve Arlovski vs Kongo
  2. MMA fighter with Down's syndrome
    Full Story "I'm dangerous," 23-year-old Garrett Holeve warns as he bounces around a bedroom in his parents' suburban, single-story house, throwing punches and kicks. A pungent combination of...
  3. VICE starts MMA site; FIGHTLAND
    FIGHTLAND Looks like they have some cool stuff. Get your bookmark out.
  4. Loretta Hunt selects her favorite MMA moments of 2012
    The first year of a landmark deal between the UFC and FOX Sports Media Group, the cancellation of UFC 151 and all of its unseemly aftermath, two scrapped Strikeforce events and its projected demise,...
  5. A quick history of Sambo in MMA
    Sambo originated in the early 1920s as the newly formed Soviet Union attempted to improve the hand-to-hand-combat abilities of the Red Army. Two men, Viktor Spiridonov and Vasili Oschepkov, studied...
  6. Mark Hunt vs JDS in a stand up only...who would win ?
    I've been following Mark hunt for a while now and truly believe he is the most under rated HW in the ufc. How do you think he would go in a stand up only fight against JDS ?
  7. Dream 18 fight video's
    Some good fights from the Dream match ups Dream 18 Videos
  8. Poll: Velasquez or Cormier?
    Velasquez sits on top of the mountain as the "baddest man on the planet". However, DC could very well be the best HW in the world since he won the most talent stacked HW tournament of all time. It's...
  9. Glory 4 Results: Heavyweight Grand Slam
    Havent seen much discussion, but for anyone who was curious how it went down: GLORY Kickboxing Heavyweight Grand Slam Opening Round: 265 lbs.: Semmy Schilt def. Brice Guidon via technical knockout...
  10. Bob Sapp defeats all... arm wrestling. I'm not sure where/when this is from but I didn't see it until now. Looked like he nearly broke Hunt's forearm. link
  11. My interview with Tyson Fury
    Wow, things went a bit crazy for me yesterday, I had a massive response for my interview with Tyson. Did anyone hear listen to it? What did you think? It was great fun to do.
  12. Invicta FC live now
    If you need a stream PM Sparks
  13. *****2012 MMA awards voted by MMA Playground***** nomination thread
    PM me your votes for all of the categories below. These are just some fights that have been mentioned throughout the year. Fights/events/news from December 28, 2011 – December 30, 2012 are eligible....
  14. MMAPlayground Awards Potential Nominations for 2013
    This thread will be designated to keep track of all things that happen in this calendar year for the end of year MMA awards. I will update this first post every time there is a nomination for FOTY,...
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  15. much do i resemble Forrest?
    what say yous?? oh and i think i fucked up rotation.
  16. Would the occasional 7 round Title fights be to much to ask?
    While discussing with friends on the upcoming super-fight between GSP & Diaz, it comes as no surprise that the majority of people believe GSP wins another dominant French Canadian decision. As much...
  17. Rank the fights of Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Saffiedine!
    Since this will be Strikeforce's last hurrah I figured I'd go ahead and set this up. Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Marquardt vs. Saffiedine 2. Mousasi vs. Kyle 3....
  18. Chuck on Cormier fight: I like Staring.
    This isn't my idea, props to Hocky Balboa of the UG for this.
  19. POLL: The Better Diaz Bro
    At first glance i want to say Nick. He looks better in all areas. But I would say Nate has faught much better competition. so idk i went with option 1
  20. Fight Journal: Daniel Cormier (VIDEO)
  21. Attending Strikeforce?
    Just curious if anyone is attending the event tomorrow in OKC. If you aren't but want to, PM me! Possible free ticket in a great seat. Or if you know someone that would interested have them contact...
  22. Fights to Make Following Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Safferdine
    Tarec Safferdine - Dong Hyun Kim Nate Marquardt - Erick Silva Daniel Cormier - Frank Mir Dion Staring - Phil De Fries Josh Barnett - Stefan Struve/Mark Hunt winner Barnett's opponent - cut Gegard...
    KJ Noons got robbed
  24. Marquardt's leg during the fight
  25. What was You're favorite Strikeforce moment?
    For me it has to be Werdum subbing Fedor, close runner up would be the Nashville Brawl
  26. Question about Melendez's rank in the LW devision.
    Right now on this site which I really do consider the best MMA site on the net, Melendez is ranked 3rd in the world. I honestly can't believe he is ranked in the top 3, I get how he could be ranked...
  27. Resurrection Fighting Alliance 6 starts live at 10 pm eastern
    I'll be up watching so if anyone needs a link feel free to pm me
  28. ~~~~2012 MMA SOTY~~~~voting closed
    please vote
  29. ~~~~2012 MMA FOTY~~~~voting closed
    please vote edit: Should be Jim Miller
  30. ~~~~2012 MMA Robbery OTY~~~~voting closed
    please vote
  31. ~~~~2012 MMA Fighter OTY~~~~voting closed
    please vote
  32. ~~~~2012 MMA WTF Moment OTY~~~~voting closed
    please vote
  33. ~~~~2012 MMA News Story OTY~~~~voting closed
    please vote
  34. ~~~~2012 MMA Event OTY~~~~voting closed
    please vote
  35. ~~~~2012 MMA Upset OTY~~~~voting closed
    please vote
  36. ~~~~2012 MMA Referee OTY~~~~voting closed
    please vote
  37. 50 shades of Gracie
    VIDEO From Fighters Only Magazine
  38. Rampage Jackson War Waggon!
    He may bitch, he may moan but the man entertains! Who wants Rampage to howl one last time in the octagon!!?! WAR RAMPAGE!!!!
  39. Going to my first fights today!!!!
    It's been a super busy past few weeks/months. But things are really coming together! Finally got a 9-5 type schedule. I have Fridays and Saturdays off now The Podcast has been kicking ass under the...
  40. Hypothetical Matchup: Ryan Bader vs Glover Teixera [POLL]
    How do you guys see this playing out if they were to get matched up together?
  41. UCMMA 32 - Live Stream @ 1pm EST (Free)
    UCMMA 32 can be seen live via Youtube today: Link Zelg Galesic vs. Linton Vassell (LHW - Title) Carl Oriss vs. Arnold Allen (FW) Nathan Jones vs. Umer Kayani (Catch) Scott Stribbling vs. Mike Neun...
  42. Small rant
    Maybe its just me, but I scored the 1st round of Maia/Fitch a 10-8 for Maia. That round was complete domination. Maia had Fitch's back literally THE ENTIRE ROUND. He landed a handful of punches and...
  43. Rickson Gracie KO'd By Uchi Mata?
    You know the man Ron Trip who won against Rickson Gracie by Uchi Mata? Well Ron Trip may have told someone that Rickson Gracie was actually KO'd by this throw.
  44. What is the best site for MMA torrents?
    The best free site or sites? You can PM me it or just post in here which ever works for you. Thanks guys!
  45. Nasty KO
    link Collin Reuter's KO from last weekend. Wow, what a horrible fall.
  46. Matchmaking With Your Favorite Fighters
    The PG lets us pick our Top 10 Favorite Fighters. Let's all make a fight card w/ 5 fights between our Top 10 fighters, using each only once. Of course, Open Weight fights are allowed & matchups can...
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  47. the ultimate fighter and hooters viewing
    I see them promoting it a lot on tv That hooters is showing the tuf episodes each week Has anyone actually gone ?? Is it legit ?
  48. Point Deduction at beginning of round
    Anyone notice the weird call in Bellator tonight? Akop Stepanyan had a pt deducted for holding the fence before they even moved from their corners to engage for the 3rd round I assume it was for...
  49. *****2012 MMA Awards Voted by MMA Playground*****
    KOTY Edson Barboza over Terry Etim (UFC 142) Spinning wheel kick Runner Up: Johnny Hendricks over Jon Fitch (UFC 141) Left hook SOTY Charles Oliviera over Eric Wisely (UFC on Fox 2) Calf slicer...
    Link I have no clue if this is legit or complete but its worth a look.
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