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  1. Miss MMA NZ
    so there is a miss mma competition being held here in new zealand in november to find someone to represent the sport for NZ for the next year. I was really keen to enter until the requirements for it...
  2. Who Stands a Better Shot? [POLL]
    Simple Question: Who do you think stands a better shot of winning the hypothetical fight against their often talked about yet unlikely opponent? 1. GSP against Anderson Silva OR 2. Anderson Silva...
  3. Pouya Rebek Does Impersonations of MMA Personalities
    Not sure if people have seen this dude yet, but he was on the MMA Hour this week, had to post, just too funny. By the Overeem one I was laughing so hard I was in tears. Pouya Rebek MMA Hour
  4. MFC 34: Total Recall TONIGHT on AXS(HDNet) 7pm PST
    Adam Lynn (17-9) vs Mukai Maromo (7-2) - The rematch! Joseph Henle (7-0) vs Luke Harris (9-1) Mike Hackert (5-1) vs. Tim Hague (14-6) - The rematch! Dhiego Lima (6-1) vs. Nick Hinchcliffe (19-8)...
  5. Hilarious Key&Peele MMA skit
    The girlfriends working overtime today so I downloaded the complete first season of Key & Peele, rolled up a gagger & ordered a pound of honey garlic monster wings. (I love when my girlfriend works...
  6. Why Fedor is the greatest HW in MMA history
    Video Nuf said.
  7. anyone else cringe when dennis bermudez speaks ?
    i can't quite put my finger on it, but whenever he does a post fight interview i cannot watch it. i respect the guy as a fighter...but he sounds like such a dumbass lol
  8. Top 25 World MMA Rankings (Both Genders)
    Hello everyone, I am new to the site and I am enjoying all of the options that are available out here. I thought that I would post these rankings for you all. I hope you all enjoy this. Updated...
  9. Greg Jackson article from Popular Science Greg Jackson, the single most successful trainer in the multi-billion-dollar sport of professional mixed martial arts fighting, works out of a musty old gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico,...
  10. MMA Uncensored Live Host
    Is the reason I've watched about 2 minutes of that show since its been on... Just a straight loudmouth, ignorant ass clown. Reem coulda killed him
  11. Baroni's Blog
    I like following Phil for some reason. He's talking like he's turning things around and getting on the right path. Can he do it? You decide... Blog1
  12. Watch the Strikeforce Weigh-Ins today at 6:45pm EST
    Courtesy of the fine folks at MMA Junkie. Link
  13. Two men arrested in attempted break in at a San Antonio MMA gym Really guys? What did you expect to steal? GD tweekers smoking that Hiesenberg.
  14. Legacy Fights 13 Live on AXSTV (formerly HDNet)
    Kpro and I are in the Surprise Van so get your ass in here excuses
  15. Strikeforce: Rousey vs Kaufmann
    I'm actually pretty excited for this show. Does anyone know where I can find live streams of the prelims and/or the main card. Props will be given for the help. Enjoy the fights everyone!
  16. Manny Gamburyan and Ronda Rousey
    All the signs are there. The way he hugged her after the fight. Carrying her pants around for her. The unnecessary bare chest in the locker room. Manny Gamburyan has a huge schoolboy crush on Ronda...
  17. James Irvin XARM 3 Fight
    youtube I didn't know this was a thing.
  18. Big Timmeh!
    Notice the Area where calf's are suppose to be. Be warned it may make you spit your drink
  19. how many women's fights on each ppv card would you prefer ?
    just wanted to know what people where thinking in regards to amount of female fights in the ufc.
  20. I'm attending Bellator 73...
    I will be in Tunica tomorrow for the Bellator event. It sucks that I am going to miss out on the Curran/Freire fight, but after today, I'm just glad they didn't cancel the entire card. I do not get...
  21. Voting System for UFC Hall of Fame
    Should Dana White open up voting for UFC Hall of Famers to the public? There are a lot of fighters that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, and it would be nice if us fans could help with the...
  22. the REAL loser from the 151 debacle
    Is Ronda Rousey. Damn did she get bounced from the headlines quick. Hope the fight with Cyborg goes down. She would win even at 145...if Gina Carano can get mount of Cyborg R. R. R. is going home...
  23. Score Fighting Series 5 LIVE! Free HD stream
    Want some free fights to hold you over? Me too! Score Fighting Edit: Follow the link, the banner on the main page will take you the page w/ the stream. I'll be surprised if no one catches this! Third...
  24. MMA Video: Bellator Champ Eduardo Dantas KO'd By Tyson Nam At Shooto Brazil
    I'm shocked boys but here's the video. Jump to about 6:10 to see the ending. It was a short fight. Eduardo went for the kill early and got caught flush with a beautiful right hook that put him out...
  25. Rampage and King Mo squash beef, trash Sonnen
    mmaelite Rampage and Mo interview.
  26. Invicta Announces Sarah Kaufman vs. Kaitlin Young for Oct. 6th Event
    mmafighting Aug 27, 2012 - Sarah Kaufman is getting right back on the horse after her loss this month to Strikeforce women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. Invicta announced Monday Kaufman will...
  27. Shamrock attacker denies she could have been mistaken for a man
    UG Over the weekend it was reported that Ken Shamrock was breaking up a fight in a mall when a third assailant jumped on his back. Shamrock took the attacked down, and somewhere in there discovered...
  28. Rogers strikes deal to buy Score Media
    Montreal Gazzette TORONTO — Rogers Communications has struck an agreement to buy sports broadcaster Score Media Inc. in a transaction valued at $167 million, or $1.62 per share. The purchase price...
  29. Greg Nelson: Staring Down Death
    He found out running up a hill in Thailand. That is where it started. That is where Greg Nelson discovered he was not invincible, that he was not Superman. The clue was not particularly noticeable....
  30. UFC vs. THE WORLD(Bantamweights)
    Lets see a comparison between the top 16 ufc fighters, and thewn the top 16 in the is welcome
  31. Don Frye stars in new film: Badass Brock
    Here's the first released trailer for an upcoming short film starring Don Frye. An action/comedy that will start the international film festival circuit next month....
  32. OneFC 5: Pride of a Nation
    Daddy needs his MMA fix! Starts at 8:30 AM EST tomorrow morning (5:30 AM for you west coasters). I got the day off so I'll be watching from the surprise van, come join me!
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  33. MMA Apparel
    Whats a good website to buy MMA clothing ...not gear or equipment, looking more for fighter walk out tees and the like
  34. MMA Mania writer arrested
    Sergio Hernandez was arrested for what is basically DUI Manslaughter. have at
  35. Cage Warriors Fight Night 7 starts today, FREE, 1pm EST
    Here it is guys, more free MMA this weekend! This time in the form of Cage Warriors. Prelims start at 1pm EST on their Facebook, main card starts at 2pm on Junkie! Link Hop in the van
  36. Did They Really Deserve It?
    in almost 20 years, mma has gone from completely underground all the way to a household all started with guys like Shamrick,Gracie,Severn...and everyone else down the time line.. but i...
  37. Injury strategy
    I was just thinking I know its unlikely to have a circumstance like this but...... Hendo got injured and Chael stepped up from the same camp, I was thinking it would be clever if a guy got injured...
  38. UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz partners with SoCal promotion to develop amateur talent
    UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz is taking another job as a talent scout. Ortiz, who recently opened an MMA management group, on Wednesday announced he'll be developing talent for an amateur fight series...
  39. Anderson Silva to Co-Star in Major MMA Blockbuster - Tapped
    LINK Regardless of who you feel deserves the next shot at Anderson Silva, the fact that “The Spider” is turning down fights in the weight class he resides over in favor of a possible superfight...
  40. Cris ‘Cyborg’ Only Wants To Talk About Ronday Rousey Once The Fight Has Been Booked
    LINK Cris 'Cyborg' Santos Former Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos (10-1, 1NC) still has a few months left on her suspension following a positive steroids test...
  41. Badass Brock Poster released starring Don Frye
    NEW BADASS BROCK POSTER Series of Alts straight from the mouth of Badass Brock aka Don Frye
  42. WSOF's Miguel Torres says Twitter account not cause of second UFC parting
    LINK Miguel Torres' second release from the UFC immediately brought speculation that the fighter's tweets had again gotten him in trouble. But Torres (40-5) today told Radio...
  43. Cheesy WWF Promo Photos of the ’80s/’90s, And Their MMA Counterparts
    LINK Our friends at With Leather just put together an incredible/awful collection of cheesy WWF promo photos from the late ’80s and early ’90s, and as we were browsing through some of these gems...
  44. Unforgettable: Bas Rutten Discusses His Greatest Opponents
    A near-mythological figure in the world of combat sports, Bas Rutten‘s achievements include three King of Pancrase titles, a UFC heavyweight championship, broadcasting gigs for PRIDE and Inside MMA,...
  45. Hypothetical Matchup: Machida vs Hendo [POLL]
    With Machida not guaranteed a shot anytime soon & Hendo out of the JJ fight, the possibility of us seeing this fight is pretty good imo. Who would you pick?
  46. Filho vs. Ninja tonight!
    I don't read or speak Portuguese, so I don't know how long until that fight is on, but there are other fights on now and I can PM you a link.
  47. Renzo Gracie is a Badass!
    Renzo captures the essence of a potential mugging in NYC on Twitter. Entertaining read for sure: Story
  48. Warglory's Random Fight Opinion Thread
    So I thought it might be kinda fun to chat about random fights from mma's past, that were perhaps hot topics, or flew under the radar. I feel like sometimes we all get swept up in the politics and...
  49. Rankings 2001-2008 MMA history
    Rankings for research This has been posted here before but if you havent seen it check it out. Page 1 has 2001-2005 page 8 or so continues the rankings. This will be useful if you want your mind...
  50. Spike TV’s ‘MMA Uncensored Live’ Hits TV Ratings High Point in Primetime
    LINK Spike TV in February unveiled an independent MMA magazine show titled MMA Uncensored Live. The show debuted to an average audience of 547,000 viewers and peaked in early May with an audience of...
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