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  1. If Silva comes with with his A game.
    Sonnen doesn't stand a chance. Just sayin
  2. Guess Sonnen had nothin to say face to face today.
    I know it's been posted but not by me. Sonnen can't even look him in the eye. He is going to sleep in 4 days Watch Anderson Alpha Sonnen up
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  3. Looks like BJ is ready for 70 vs Mcdonald
  4. MMA Mental Podcast - Special Guests Marc Goddard, Steven Siler and Josh Thomson
  5. 2 days till the end of the man named Chael Sonnen!!!!
    Cause he gonna retire when Silva wins. Thats what he said.
  6. Chael says he is 20lbs overweight 24 hours from weigh ins
    Chael was just on SportsCenter, that was his word. Anyone looking at the fight differently, given that piece of info?
  7. Prime Sakuraba v. Prime Ortiz
    Who would you pick and why? - Inspired by Tito's recent "Me in my Prime could have beaten anybody ever" quote.
  8. Steven Seagal thinks Chael Sonnen's actions are 'an embarrassment to the human race'
    Never leave your birthday party unattended or Steven Seagal may pop out of a very large cake, topless. I think I've confused my Under Siege imagery, but I still can't help but think that Seagal was...
  9. WOW - Future MMA Star Michael Paige
    Fight Jay showed me this video, I have to share this, its amazing.
  10. Yo Charlie!
    Tell me how my shoulder taste! Who's in who's head now? Cheal looks scared! Hahahahaha
  11. If you thought Vera's broken nose was bad....
    take a look here
  12. The Massacre Drew McFedries interesting facts.
    I always liked this guy, sadly he had a huge hole in his game and it's called submissions. Had he taken ground game seriously, he could have been a force, imagine Brian Stann vs. Drew McFedries I...
  13. He did dominate for 23 mins in the 1st fight!
    And the 1st round in the 2nd fight. Then he threw a falling spining backfist that led to the finish. That was another brain fart for sonnen imo. Last i will say when hes not fighting silva i like...
  14. Best Wrestler of all time?
    If you dont know any people i listed, search them up on youtube or wikipedia! I am a wrestler myself and want to know other people's opinions on who is the greatest
  15. In Sonnen we trust!
    I'm still riding the Sonnen war wagon! No one takes rounds from Anderson like Chael does! He'll be back and he'll be ready! MEDIUM RARE.
  16. Chael lost because...............
    When he threw the spinning back fist he tripped on the Dodge logo. Also looked like Silva seen it coming 5 mins before he threw it and tripped.
  17. Knee looked clean to me!
    perfect view
  18. sounds like sonnen's coach may think chael's done fighting.
  19. How many times? / Ronda Rousy espn pics!
    How many times have you fap'd to Rondas Rouseys middriff today? I'm going on a bakers dozen
  20. Fedor's 45-page Contract with M-1
    Someone on the UG posted this. Haven't had a chance to read through it all yet, but it seems interesting so far. Link to contract Source
  21. Legacy FC 12 Tonight at 10pm ET on AXS TV along with BAMMA Bad Beat 6 Internet Stream
    Anyone else catchin these? I'll be in the van. BAMMA's stream will be free at HDNet is now called AXS TV for those who didn't know.
  22. Brian Green to fight tonight live from Des Moines Webcast
    live tonight from des moines. 7-10 fights tonight via live webcast. Come join in all the fun. Fight Promo
  23. Best of Pride 1-8 33 minute Highlight
    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  24. The MMA Podcast, JakeWalters lies about his age, he's 42
    Hello gentlemen. This is my first post. I will be coming here more often now, I am quiting the UG. I was brainstorming recently and I was trying to think of something to say. and here is a good...
  25. Has Anyone Else Noticed??
    The amount of MMA related trending topics on twitter over the past month or so. It seems ever since a few weeks before Silva/Sonnen 2, MMA has been a hot topic on Twitter. So nice to see stuff like...
  26. Give Keith Jardine a BJJ brown belt!!
    9 minutes under Roger Gracie and he was not even close to being finished. Couple sub attempts that were easily defended. Gracie had a body triangle for like 3 minutes and couldnt sink in a RNC....
  27. I have never seen a finish like this before
    Lak Sekhon
  28. Ronda Rousey BLASTS Kim Kardashian (Video)
    Are you one of the millions who have been “Keeping up with the Kardashians?” Well, Strikeforce bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey (Pictured) hasn’t been, but she does want to clock a certain Kim...
  29. Look what Rampage says about Chael LOL
    Rampage totally rips out Chael......
  30. Josh's Helpful Guide To Understand the New Changes To the Unified Rules of MMA.
    The Association of Boxing Commissions decided to make some rather hefty changes to the Unified Rules of MMA. BloodyElbow’s Chris Hall dropped a write-up on the new changes and you can also find a PDF...
  31. So how young is too young?
    I don't know if anybody's come across this video.... but we're over here nerfing the shit out of everything in North America that has anything to do with kids.... no more letter grades, trophies for...
  32. name your top ten "can recyclers" that have been exposed
    a fighter who has a great looking record but has never fought anyone at their level example Jason Reinhardt 18-0 until joe lauzon destroyed him
  33. Invicta FC 2's Bethany Marshall, daughter of a Christian rocker
    After taking muay Thai classes at a local gym to continue her athletics participation, Bethany Marshall was approached by one of her instructors about working on grappling. She didn't know it then,...
  34. K-1 vs GLORY
    they are being described as the two premier kickboxing organisations in the world at the moment. after buying 'It's Showtime' GLORY have eliminated all competition (except K-1) and with a roster full...
  35. I HOPE, in relation to the recent Batman killings
  36. Bellator 72 is on if you're not already watching it
  37. Cage Warriors 48 Saturday Morning on Facebook/Junkie
    Main card starts at 4pm ET, so the Facebook part probably starts around 2pm ET. Event should lead right into UFC. MAIN CARD ( Chris Fields vs. John Phillips Jack Mason vs. Danny Roberts...
  38. Ben Askren's reaction to UFC 149
  39. Well excited
    Renzo Gracie has just added me on skype. I am interviewing him tomorrow. I cant wait.
  40. Hypothetical Matchup: Neer vs Stout
    I love both of these guys. They are 2 exciting, veteran fighters who have never been able to get to the top. So if they fought, who ya got?
  41. EFCA 15 This Morning
    ECFA has lowered the price on their PPV's and made them easier to access for users not in South Africa by landing a deal with Fight Now! TV. It's only $7.95 here for those interested:...
  42. Invicta FC Streaming FREE Saturday 7pm EST
    All 14 fights will be streamed tonight for free at . If you don't know a few, most, or all of them this will get you more acquainted with their records...
  43. what should qualify a 10-8 round ?
    just interested to hear what people have to say about this. i personally would like to see a guideline set as to what would be a 10-8 round. For example if a guy gets visibly rocked on their feet or...
  44. Which UFC fighter would you choose?
    Okay IMAGINE if you will... You wake up tomorrow morning & roll out of bed. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Dana White is knocking on your door with his perfectly round hairless head. You open the door &.. "YOU...
  45. Ronda Rousey hosts TMZ
    Ronda filled in for Harvey and hosted the show today: Full Show
  46. MMA Lounge
    Thats what this is, right?
  47. This ref needs to be banned from mma for life
    "Fighter goes to sleep at end of round. Then comes back with TKO win in next round" VIDEO
  48. James Te Huna....Real Life Bane?
    ..When he enters the cage holy shit!!! WHEN Sydney Australia BURNS TO ASHES, THEN HIPPO HAS MY PERMISSION TO DIE. Damn the stomp got edited out, look here:...
  49. Like funny memes?
  50. Which two fighters have fought each other the most?
    What two fighters have the most history between each other in MMA? Or do all grudges get solved by around the 3rd fight?
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