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  1. K-1 Fight Finder
    I just stumbled upon the K-1 fight finder on their website. I'm sure a lot of you have seen or know about it, but just incase I thought that I would post it. It's powered by Sherdog, so it's set up...
  2. WTF... Tim Sylvia on "Blind Date"?
    I am probably out of the loop on something here, but I had no idea this ever happened... I haven't been able to watch the video because I'm at work, but it sounds kinda funny... Or sad... Or however...
  3. TUF 5 Final
    Who do think will make it to the final this year? I hope its Nate Diaz and Corey Hill... and i hope Hill wins all of it.
  4. Dream Open Weight Grand Prix
    With both UFC and PRIDE under the same ownership now, the talent pool in the upper divisions is swimming with great matchups. If they were to have another Open Weight Grand Prix who would you want to...
  5. IFL & USA Wrestling Announce Partnership
    Great move by the IFL. “The partnership will include joint USA Wrestling/IFL clinics and information sessions featuring IFL athletes and coaches and USA Wrestling staff in strategic locations,...
  6. Thoughts on The Natural and Fedor
    What's everyone's thoughts on this possible match up. Will it ever happen?
  7. if you could combine any three mma fighters to make one great one who would they be and why?
    as the title says if you could combine any three fighters from any mma organisation to make one great fighter who would they be and why? mine would be 1. antonio nogera aka minataro (excellent...
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  8. where will title bouts be held for the ufc and pride crossover fights?
    Has anyone herd any news on this?I think the outcome of some of these fights could possibly come down to whether or not their fighting in a ring or an octagon. Example: Couture could ground & pound...
  9. WCL
    LMAO has anyone seen this league on versus network? It is the biggest joke of a kickboxing league. It is set up so dumb, the fighters are close to terrible, they have the corniest pre-fight talk...
  10. Who will be the next big thing?
    Will it be Joe Lauzon? Sean Salmon? Corey The dog person thing? I can go on but who?
  11. Another great free card on Apirl 21st
    Everyone knows we get to see UFC 70 for free on Spike. Not many people are talking about a world class card Cage Rage is putting on the same day. is offering a free webcast of the event,...
  12. Cro Cop vs. AA UFC 70... what should have been!
    IMO, Cro Cop and Arlovski should be fighting in 70. What do you all think?
  13. TUF 5 = High School Gym Class
    Is it just me or would you see less crying at a damn baby punching competition. Between Rudiger crying about not being able to cut weight and then trying to bully one of his own team mates. And then...
  14. war lindland
    Alright just out of curiosity we gotta have a poll even though I know how lopsided the results are gonna be. ps there just wasnt enough room to put lindland by ko/tko sorry lol
  15. TUF 5 episodes
    hey does anyone know of a link or a website that shows the TUF season 5 episodes i keep missing them because i have gay class shit at college and i know they reshow it but ill probably never catch...
  16. Chuck Liddell on PUNKd Dana was the instigator. Quite funny!
  17. Sokoudjou to Fight Winner Liddell v Jackson?
    Purely speculation but it was mention on the Beatdown radio show today. It seems right. Ridding the Sokoudjou bandwagon!!!! WAR Sokoudjou !!! Thoughts...
  18. Fight Videos from HFC
    LINK Some fights from a smaller based Canadian Org. Also for anyone who want to watch them on cable they are coming on the score at 12 am ET tonight.
  19. 'Jacare' vs Jeremy Jackson at GFC
    source: World BJJ and ADCC champion Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza will be facing UFC veteran Jeremy 'The Scorpion' Jackson at Gracie FC: 'Evolution' on May 19th. Jackson, a veteran of UFC and...
  20. Questions to the powers that be at MMA Playground
    Will you be having wagers for Bodog and K1 and any of the other larger 'other' promotions as well as our Pride and UFC loveliness?
  21. IFL fight night
    did anyone else watch this? I had to stop after the second fight. it wasn't what I had hoped for. 2 fights dominated on the ground and no takedown defense whatsoever and at the beginning of every...
  22. results for BOdog Fight
    Who would of thought Fedor was gonna win??? I prob shoul of posted this in another thread, but since it was Fedor and Lindlan i thought it was appropriate to post it here. With all the recent Upsets...
  23. Corey Hill or Nate Diaz
    Who's gonna fight this next episode, who do you hope?
  24. Weloan.Us Pictures of Joe Stevenson & Heath Herring..
  25. Fedor vs. Klitschko in a boxing or kick boxing fight
    I was just putting this on as a joke but wondering how people would think about the toughest mma fighter fighting one of the greatest boxers of the decade in a boxing match or kick boxing...
  26. Lindland's Excuses
    What was up with Lindland and his excuses after the fight, talking about Fedor grabbing onto the ropes and blaming the fact that Fedor landed on top on him grabbing the ropes. Take a page out of...
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  27. where can i get the fedor lindland fight on the net
    links please
  28. where can i get the fedor lindland fight on the net
    link plez
  29. MMA Pet Peeves
    We all have certain things that broadcasters or fans alike say that just rub us the wrong way... Personally with me it's when people reffer to submission or ground skills as Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu...
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  30. hendo @ welterweight?
    with his recent success, could/would/should, dan henderson take a shot at a welterweight belt. with the new pride, wont they be reconfiguring the weight classes? so there will be a welterweight belt...
  31. GSP's chin?
    I've watched the Serra-GSP fight several times now. I do not see ONE instance where GSP got his head "snapped" by a single punch. I know they say Serra has heavy hands and GSP did get hit by bunches...
  32. MMA Wallpaper
    After I saw the Trigg/Lawler pic from the other forum, I decided I wanted to make a collage-wallpaper. Check it out, its made all from pics from the forum. Sorry for the lack of quality, its kind of...
  33. Aleksander Emelianenko vs. Eric Pele Video
  34. MMA YTMNDs
    I don't know how many other people on here at regular visitors to YTMND, but for those of you who are, here are some UFC related YTMNDS.
  35. Most overrated fighter out there today
    ?? Or if you have another vote, say it and explain why. Andrei Arlovski gets my vote. Lost to Timmay twice.
  36. Hilarious Moment From Bodog Fight Night
    International Film Star? How about "Straight To DVD Master?"
  37. Womens MMA
    I'm just wondering what the general consensus is on women in MMA. I can understand that it may be a touchy subject to many people, and alot of people see it as a lesser form of entertainment in MMA....
  38. Most fights Ever???
    Who has the most fights on record (mma)? and whats the record anyone know?
  39. Best Commentator?
    Who is the best Commentator in mma past of present. I give it to Moro Renalo (i have no idea how to spell that name sorry) How about U?
  40. Koschecks' a shroomer
    during the sherdog interview of nick diez one of them rumered that koscheck reportedly tested + for shrooms.
  41. My fight with Rory Singer Fight is from April 14th, 2007 I can't decide if I got it hard or gentle... but I know that I got screwed.
  42. BodogFight: Costa Rica
    BodogFight is wasting no time, with the premiere of their 3rd series tomorrow night. Jake Shields will be featured in the episode, against Ray Steinbeiss, who had a win on the undercard of this...
  43. Who do you think is the best refferee for UFC..
    I personally think that Big John Mcharthy is the best ufc refferee.....and he has been there since day 1.
  44. Lightweight belt?
    When is this belt going up for grabs? They talk about how their building up the lightweight division. Why not have a title fight? Anyone know?
  45. My pride 170 gp
    so 16 fighters i would like to see in it with 8 from both pride and ufc. George St Pierre v.s Tatsuya Kawajiri Josh Burkman v.s Nick Diaz Luigi Fioravanti v.s Takanori Gomi Karo Parisyan v.s Kitaoka...
  46. Why no love for Suloev in Bodog?
    He was on the undercard at the last Bodog event, yet he still managed to pull off a super quick KO, again... I can't begin to understand why they didnt have him as a main draw, the guy is easily one...
  47. KOTC
    I have recently signed up for KOTC, i am waiting for their call to invite me to participate in an event, i was wondering if there is anything else i should do to help with my training, i train six...
  48. Huerta vs. Edgar match?
    There are rumars going around saying that Roger Huerta's next fight will possibly be against Frank Edgar. IMO that fight is gunna be great! These two are up and coming fighters and it's gunna be a...
  49. Veterans in the IFL
    I'm a pretty big fan of the IFL and what it represents for newer fighters and the coaches alike, their concept works very well to help up-and-coming fighters get their name out and have a big name...
  50. Ledgends matches
    I think it would be awsome if zuffa wouldpromote some of the "old salts" in ledgends matches. That is if those fighters are still willing, i would LOVE to see like bas v. ken, or randy v. ken (there...
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