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  1. What time is PRIDE 34 on??
    I live in Cali....when will this be coming on Saturday or Sunday or whenever
  2. Rate my top 10 Middleweights.
    My List. 1. Dan Henderson 2. Anderson Silva 3. Rich Franklin 4. Paulo Fihlo 5. Matt Lindland 6. Dennis Kang 7. Kazuo Misaki 8. Nathan Marquardt 9. Robbie Lawler 10.Phil Baroni Feedback please..and...
  3. "There's something about the Mexican chin.."
    if you watched "Countdown to UFC 69"....He said he had a better chin that Koscheck ..Theres just something with the Mexican chin...and he started flexing his jaw like an idiot kinda like Oscar De La...
  4. UFC DVD's...
    I was looking at buying a couple new DVD's at the store today and I started getting kinda upset... Why in the hell don't UFC DVD's have the fight card listed on the back??? They mention the main bout...
  5. MMA Terminology
    Martial Arts Terminology Aikido A martial art which allows you to defeat your enemy without hurting him. Unless of course his does not know how to ukemi in which case he has his wrist broken in...
  6. Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez (17-0)
    Do you think Diego Sanchez will be able to hold his perfect 17-0 record for long... I think if he beats Josh Kosheck his next opponent will either be Matt Hughes or George st. Pierre, in which he...
  7. Kenflo post fight
    did anyone else get a kick out of watching ken act like he was drinking out of the can that was not open, its stupid but i found it amusing
  8. Will Chuck Liddell ever lose(who and when).
    Obviously chuck is going to lose some time.. but who and when.. i think it is going to be randy courture(he's beat him before and he will do it again) or Tito ortiz.
  9. Unified Rules
    I keep reading and hearing about the "Unified Rules". Are they any different than what is currently used by the UFC? Thanks in advance.
  10. IFL Gran Prix: Fighters and matchups set
    I re-editted the whole post, in the spirit of keeping the forums a little cleaner... Here are the matchups for the first IFL GP (their IFL placings are in the [ ]): HW [1] Antonie Jaoude vs. [4] Roy...
  11. Congrats to Joe Stevenson and WeLoan.US
    Woooo Hooooo Title fight next
  12. When the Hell is Sherk going to fight??
    The UFC is turning into PRIDE with the lightweights. When the hell are we going to get a title defense?
  13. Flloyd Mayweather JR. vs ButterBean who would win in a boxing bout?
    whats your take?
  14. KOTC comes to Chicago - who's going?
    I think I'll be going to watch this event. Anybody else plan on going? More details
  15. Rich Franklin in Light Heavyweight?
    What do you guys think of Rich Franklin Moving up one class, to Lightheavy Weight?
  16. New Info On the UFC 2007 Game?
    Do u guys got any new news for UFC the game? Like screenshots or anything if so send the information or picks in.
  17. What fantasy Pride v. UFC match can't you wait to happen???
    Me personally wants to see Shogun and Chuck go at it.
  18. Welterweight Rankings
    No way Diego should be ranked ahead of BJ on this site. Nonsense. Im pissed.
  19. favorite martial arts books?
    No Holds Barred: Ultimate Fighting and the Martial Arts Revolution by Clyde Gentry is a good read. Fighter's Fact Book: Over 400 Concepts, Principles, and Drills to Make You a Better Fighter by Loren...
  20. anyone watch the IFL tonight?
    I thought there were some decent fights.
  21. What ufc heavyweight would smash kimbo?
    Dont get me wrong i wouldnt want to fight kimbo in the backyard but what would happen if he stepped in the ring with a trained ufc fighter? Just give me some opinions on who u think would smash kimbo
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  22. Is Chuck next??
    Is Chuck the next to lose his belt??
  23. The Worst Party Ever
  24. LOL omg Koscheck wins at the internets
    posted on diego sanchez's myspace "happy easter!!!! 19-1 :))) XOXO KOS" even though I was betting for diego....that ******* made my day......
  25. GSP serra
    Hi Anyone got a link for the fight, include after fight interviews. cheers
  26. link to pride 34 anyone?
    are there any links to the fights?
  27. bodog fight
    I dont know about everyone else but I really want to be able to place wagers and picks for bodog maybe if enough people respond with a yes the mods will add it.
  28. Does anybody know where I can buy K-1 DVD's
    Title kinda says it... I want to start buying the K-1 GP's... I was searching around on the Sherdog store and could only find a couple of VHS sets... HELP!! I NEED MORE WORLD CLASS KICKBOXING!!...
  29. Message to GSP
    Your Preformance Does Not Impress Me
  30. Fight Of The Decade
    Thompson vs Frye what a War !!!!!
  31. Wanderlei's reaction to Arona getting KTFO = priceless
    got this off the mmaweekly photo gallery.. its in the middle of all the pics that are of the end of the fight.. i can only imagine haha link to picture
  32. NOG IN UFC
  33. Swick @ #10 MW?
    What has he done lately to put him on the list? I don't think he was even on it til he lost the other night. Am I the only one who just thinks there are more deserving fighters?
  34. Videos of UFC 69?
    I was wondering if there is any site with some of the fights from ufc 69, i know i saw one the other day.
  35. Phil Baroni arrested! He just lost to the law...and I don't mean Matt Lindland.
  36. k-1 usa
    any info when tickets go on sell or any additonal info? please?
  37. Finally: Ortiz vs. Silva and other possibilities.
    With all these dream matches becoming EDIT: (my internet pooped sorry) becoming a reality wouldn't Ortiz vs. Silva be a very reasonable rematch? It would draw alot of attention i'm sure and the...
  38. Cung Le in MMA?
    I've seen a couple of Cung Le's mma fights... he looks like he can hold his own and has a big following. When will Dana wake up and sign him? Or if you don't think he should why not?
  39. british fighter calls out his opponent
    this british fighter who is fighting one of my training partners (Enoch Wilson) has put up a video on the internet where he calls him out. very hilarious, we were laughing at him for hours....
  40. switching training gyms
    at the gym I am at right now I get some good training....sometimes. We have some very good fighters but it is a Karate school. we have bjj clases on the weekends and some pankration if my teacher...
  41. Pound for Pound
    After looking at the P4P rankings it is loaded with guys like Fedor, Mirko, Rua, and Liddell at the top. I know the arguments for these guys being at the top. My question is where do the guys who...
  42. Phill
    Why do u think he was arrested in florida? I bet he got in a bar fight the cops showed up and he was like hell no ur not gonna arrest me.
  43. Fedor vs. Linland
    Anyone have any input on the Fedor vs. Linland fight on bodog
  44. BodogFight: Clash of the Nations
    BodogFight's "St. Petersburg" series concludes this weekend, 14th April, with their "Clash of the Nations" pay-per-view: Main Card: Fedor Emelianenko (Pride FC Heavyweight Champion) vs. Matt Lindland...
  45. I was watching UFC 59 again and....
    In the fight with Sean Sherk and Nick Diaz, i thought i heard joe rogan squeek! It was very funny for myself. I was wonderin if u guys caught that too? I think he says DEEP! Thats when his voice...
  46. On TUF 5 did you see Diaz?
    I kept watchin the replay of TUF 5 and it showes nate and someone esle fight outside by the pool and it goes to where he is laying on the ground with blood on his head... looked like he got ko-ed or...
  47. What UFC/PRIDE fighter would you be?
    I think out of all of them i would be Tito Ortiz
  48. Check out these top ten rankings,
    Have liddell as #5 light heavy and wandy is #4
  49. WEC-FW title fight Faber vs Hominick
    This great IMO, this fight could really showcase the division From UFC junkie Report: Mark Hominick Forfeits UFC Contract, Will Fight for WEC Title Posted by UFC Junkie on April 10, 2007 at 2:01 pm...
    PEACE MAGAZINE Presents a... DISCO THEQUE FRIDAY Special Event The Official Georges St-Pierre Appreciation Party Friday, April. 27th, 2007. @ The Level Nightclub 102 Peter St. Downtown Toronto 416...
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