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Fantasy Pick'em Leagues

See how you stack up against the competition when making your picks on MMA's biggest fights in three different pick'em leagues using our 10-event "season" format!

The Big Show
Full UFC cards including all prelims

Casual League
Simplified KO/Sub/Decision format of UFC events covering main cards only

Best of the Rest
The top fights from all other MMA promotions in stacked composite cards

Pit your "chips" and your picks from any upcoming fight card found in our 3 pick'em leagues against fellow Playground-ers in a variety of fantasy pool formats!

  • Enjoy player vs player action on a per-event basis
  • Create or join One-on-One, Winner Take All and Tourney style pools
  • Pool creator has choice of scoring picks with a simplified point system or standard MMAPG league scoring
  • Pile it on! Chips never reset
Fantasy Betting Leagues

Play the odds and wager your personal fantasy bankroll against the house using straight bets and parlay bets in two different season-based leagues!

Make your vote count in our community powered MMA fighter rankings when arranging your top 10 fighters by weight class, pound for pound and favorites!

  • Smart rankings! Votes are weighted by player performance
  • Includes women's, pound for pound, "my favorites" and more
  • Fantasy league integration let's you know when a top 10 has fought
  • Fighter rankings that are decided by educated fans
Fight Camp
Enjoy a personal league with friends! Includes private message board, scoreboards and more
MMA Forums
If you love talking about MMA then pull up a chair and join the discussion with fellow fans
MMA News
Stay current on the latest MMA headlines from around the web all in one place
10,526,113 fights picked
$558,357,038 in fantasy bets
2,147,875 chips won in fantasy pools
Latest Headlines
Diaz Brothers smoke these crazy gold joints shaped like UFC gloves (mmamania.com)
So what are the Diaz brothers doing instead? Well, just last night they spent their time smoking ridiculous golden joints shaped to look like UFC gloves. The Snapchat footage from an appearance the ...
0 comments - Posted by Five-Alive - 1/20/17 6:48PM
Donald Cerrone is hoping 2017 ends up being a six fight year for him (mmamania.com)
‘Cowboy’ continues to prove he’ll say yes to any fight the UFC puts in front of him. As always, Cowboy was more than willing to step in on short notice or quick turnaround to face whoever the UFC ...
0 comments - Posted by Five-Alive - 1/20/17 6:35PM
Garreth McLellan quickly replaces Alex Nicholson at UFC Fight Night 106 (mmajunkie.com)
Paulo Henrique Costa will still make his official UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 106, but he’s got a new opponent. Just a couple days after announcing Costa (8-0 MMA, 0-0 UFC) was slated to fight ...
1 comment - Posted by Five-Alive - 1/20/17 6:23PM
All in all, Colleen Schneider happy just to compete at Bellator 170 (mmafighting.com)
A lesser person than Colleen Schneider might get mad about being placed on the opening bout of the preliminary card at Bellator 170. There are, after all, 19 fighters who don’t even have Wikipedia ...
1 comment - Posted by JLS - 1/20/17 6:10PM
Report: Travis Browne Ditches Edmond Tarverdyan’s Gym in Favor of Black House (mmanews.com)
Travis Browne is undergoing a change of scenery. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight appears to have left Edmond Tarverdyan’s Glendale Fighting Club for Black House. UFC Insiders ...
2 comments - Posted by RhythmAndStyle - 1/20/17 1:26PM
Coach Jason Parillo thinks BJ Penn will want to fight again (mmafighting.com)
We might not have seen the last of BJ Penn in the cage. Jason Parillo, Penn’s boxing coach, told MMA Fighting on Wednesday at the Bellator 170 open workouts that he doesn’t know for sure if Penn ...
0 comments - Posted by Five-Alive - 1/20/17 2:51AM
Arm injury forces Gilbert Burns out of Paul Felder fight at UFC 208 (bloodyelbow.com)
Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Gilbert Burns is off of the February 11th card due to injury.
0 comments - Posted by Five-Alive - 1/20/17 2:49AM
Michael Bisping is out until May after opting for knee surgery rather than a fight with Yoel Romero (mmamania.com)
‘The Count’ just suffered a torn meniscus that will keep him on the bench until spring.
0 comments - Posted by Five-Alive - 1/20/17 2:46AM
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